Market Sell-Off Will Turn Into Buying Opportunity by James R. Wigen – Sr. Portfolio Manager

With current market conditions it hardly seems like a good idea to be putting money into the market, however, these uncertain times will most likely not last for several years.  Right now there are more questions unanswered than we have answers for, therefore, unless you are dollar cost averaging into stocks at a slow pace, it may be better to wait until the knife has stopped falling.  This can mean business closures and travel restrictions stop being extended, then wait until restrictions are being lifted and we start to see signs of a recovery as a guide when to start buying small quantities of stock.

An example of this strategy, look at what is happening in China right now, stores like Starbucks are re-opening, even in Wuhan where this virus is to believed to have started, and manufacturing plants are starting back up.

If your portfolio allows for risk investments, now is a good time to see how high quality stocks performed when the market hit a recent low, and be prepared to buy slowly into those quality stocks.  When stocks are low people often are scared to buy, however, that is how you make money in the Stock Market, BUY LOW & SELL HIGH.  Too many people feel more comfortable buying stocks when the market is high, then hoping the market goes higher.  After buying stocks high, then people have a tendency to get scared and sell when the market is low.  That is a fools game.

In my entire career of managing money, which dates back to 1996 when I started working at Merrill Lynch, I have watched investors repeatedly buy high and sell low, and they wonder why they can never make money investing in the Stock Market.

If you have any questions or would like a portfolio review, please contact me and I would be glad to try and help you during these challenging times.

Please contact me on my toll free number 855-546-9443.

Have a blessed day,

James R. Wigen

Past performance does not guarantee Future results, therefore, understand investing in the Stock Market can cause you to lose money.  Please take the proper risk for your current situation and get the advice from a financial professional who clearly understands your current and future goals and objectives.






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