James Wigen Portfolio Reviews

Do you need help with your 401k Investment Allocation?

Already working with a Financial Advisor with other investment accounts but want a second opinion on your Investment Allocation?

James has worked as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor since 1996 – he will look at your 401k choices & your current investment allocation and give you his recommendation on whether he believes you are allocated correctly based on your investment goals.

James will recommend you complete his Financial / Retirement Plan, as a means of determining whether your current allocation meets the annual return you need to get into and through retirement.

James will not mandate you complete his Financial / Retirement Plan in order to provide you his Portfolio Review, but does strongly encourage it.  It is much more difficult to determine if your current investment allocation will meet your current or future needs on a annual basis if you have never run an analysis to see what annual return you need from your investment accounts.

James Portfolio Reviews are considered a One Time Financial Planning Fee, per a Financial Planning Agreement, and are based on the investment dollars he is analyzing and creating a plan for you.  The fee schedule is as follows:

  • $0 – $50k = $100 fee
  • $50k-$100k = $150 fee
  • $100k-$250k = $250
  • $250k-$500k = $400
  • $500k-$1mil = $800
  • $1mil-$2.5mil = $1,500
  • $2.5mil+ = contact James for custom quote

For James Portfolio Review fee, he will complete the following for you:

  • Examine your current investment allocation, whether you are currently with a Financial Advisor or not
  • Look at all of your investment options through your 401k, if you have one
  • Determine which investment options may be best for you.  His recommendation will be based on your financial situation, age, time frame for which you need your money, and whether you have other investment accounts outside of your 401k.  If you do, it is not a good idea to load up on similar investments in and out of your 401k.  All of your investment dollars have to be examined and managed based on your needs and whether your investment accounts are Tax-Deferred, Tax-FREE or Taxable.

James will provide you with a written recommendation after he has completed his analysis.

If you would like to contact James for your Portfolio Review, please -click here