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Stock Market Performance Changed Your Financial / Retirement Plan?

Do You Even Have a Financial / Retirement Plan?

Receive James R. Wigen’s 40 page Financial / Retirement Plan and see if you are on track to Retire when you want & be able to fulfill your Retirement dreams!

James Financial / Retirement Plan includes

Summary & Action Plan – Your Current Situation, Your Goals, Planning Details, Retirement Analysis & Actions James recommends you start taking

Age at Retirement Analysis – See if you can afford to Retire at your desired Retirement age

Annual Contribution Analysis – See if you are investing enough each year to get into & through Retirement

Annual Investment Return Analysis – Pre / Post Retirement Returns needed to meet all your Retirement Goals

Asset Allocation Graphs – For all of your investment accounts based on your Retirement Goals, Your Current Asset Allocation & Suggested Asset Allocation (Total Return)

Cash Flow Summary – Earned Income, Social Security, Qualified Plans, Investment Additions, Personal Living Expenses, Planned Debt Expenses , Education Expenses, Planned Deposits, Misc. Expenses, Taxes

Retirement Capital Analysis – Retirement Spending Needs, Social Security, Pension Income, Education, What Age You MAY Run Out of Money

Insurance Summary – Analysis, Term, Whole-Life, Universal Life

Survivor Needs Analysis – Suggests Additional Life Insurance Coverage if Needed & How Much Additional would be Needed, Helping You Avoid Over-Insuring Your Family & Paying High Premiums

Disability Income Insurance – Investment Income, Investment Assets, Retirement Assets, Spouse’s Salary, Pension Income, Changes in Living Expenses, Inflation, Education Needs, Taxes, Social Security Disability Benefits, Employer Disability Benefits

Long-Term Care Needs – Long-Term Care Defined, Long-Term Care Need Analysis, Long-Term Care Unprotected Need

Estate Planning – Current & Alternative Analysis, Net Worth Statement, Tax Estimate

You can preview the Financial Plan questionnaire by looking at the bottom of the screen under James R. Wigen Books.  You will have the option to print out the questionnaire, complete the forms, scan & email the file to [email protected]

The information you provide James R. Wigen of Wigen Financial Services, LLC, in order to complete your Financial / Retirement Plan, will NEVER be shared with anyone other than James. You have James guarantee!


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Financial Plan Questionnaire
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