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25% Of S & P 500 Index Stocks Were Negative In The Month of January 2017 by James R. Wigen

  2-16-17 As the S & P 500 Index was hitting new highs in January, many of you may not have known it was doing it with 25% of the Stocks inside the Index going negative.  It is important to understand how the DJIA & S & P 500 Index are... (more...)

Stock Market Setting New Records

2-15-17 The Stock Market after dropping over a week ago, just keeps going up, now what do you do?  We have seeing the markets go up on no real significant news, market still believes Trump policies will be coming soon which will help business.  We have... (more...)

Here Comes The Stock DOWNGRADES

Over the past two trading days, we have heard of several Big Blue Chip companies being Downgraded, the list includes: Goldman Sachs (GS), Coke-Cola (KO) & Proctor & Gamble (PG).  These Downgrades help support my theory that the Stock Market is... (more...)

Dow Jones Up For 2016, Mostly on Stocks No One Wanted Past 2 Years – click here

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) will finish up for the year, however, the main drivers of that growth is from a few stocks: Goldman Sachs, Caterpillar, Bank of America, IBM, JP Morgan, Chevron & Exxon Mobil. This list of stocks were stocks... (more...)

Time to Reduce Exposure to Stocks In Your 401K – click here

We have seen a big increase in Stocks this year, however, I see that coming to a quick end in January 2017. I think reducing exposure to the Stock Market now is a good idea and if/when we see a pull back in the market you can move the money from your... (more...)

Allergan (AGN) Benefiting from Recent Market Decline – click here

Allergan (AGN) stock has had a terrible year, however, now that we see the Stock Market declining, money is flowing back into AGN. If the market decline in January we could see AGN rise further, if it does pull back, may be a great entry point or adding... (more...)

Market is Ready to Decline, Just Like January 2016 – click here

We are seeing the Stock Market start to decline right before the end of the year, just as it did last year. I am predicting market will decline further in January and already setup client accounts with heavy Cash positions. Last January the market declined... (more...)

Are Annuities Good or Bad? – click here

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Market is at All-Time high, Now the Time to Invest? – click here

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Should You Follow Warren Buffets Advice? – click here

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