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Urban China’s Mainstream Class Continues to Thrive

Back in 2005 only 2% of Urban Chinese households were part of this emerging mainstream class, earning around $16,000-$35,000 per year.  In 2016, that percentage had exploded to 43%, and by 2025, experts expects it to be at 66% of Urban households.  Read More →

Markets on Pace for WORST December Since GREAT Depression

Ten WORST Dow Jones Industrial Average December Returns  Date                              Dow % Change 31-Dec-1931                       -17.01 As of 12-17-2018                -7.60 31-Dec-2002           ... (more...)

Markets RISE After Midterm Elections – As I Had Predicted

As I previously predicted in a recent post, the Stock Market Declined from Early October, heading into the Midterm Elections.  Then as I predicted, once the Midterm Elections were over, the Stock Market Increased the highest percentage since 1982 Midterm... (more...)

Look For Trade War Agreement Soon Between US & China

It is my opinion that we will hear the outline of a deal between the US & China, ending the Trade War in the next few weeks.  I think the US & China will agree to faze in Tariffs on trade over the course of many years into the future.  This... (more...)

54% Equity ETFs Posted LOSSES Over Past Year

Bloomberg news reported today that 54% of Equity ETFs posted losses over the past year!  A reminder that all investments can pose a risk or experience negative returns for investors.  Just because you are diversified in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds,... (more...)

My Stock Market Update & Outlook 2018

A message to all investors from a Portfolio Manager since 1996!   With all of this market volatility, sometimes not doing anything is the best play.  There are a lot of issues right now with Elections, Trade Wars, 10yr Bond Yields rising and Federal... (more...)

Ever Hear “Don’t Fight The Fed”? Remember, It’s True When Fed Funds Rate Rises & Falls?

Throughout my 22 year career as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor, I have heard a million times “Don’t Fight the Fed”.  When they are raising the Federal Funds rate, eventually economy will slow, thus causing Stock Market... (more...)

Stock Market Hitting All-Time Highs – Will DROP for Midterm Elections Then Rally

Hard to believe with all the talk about Trade Wars, the Stock Market is hitting All-Time HIGHS.  I think the markets will DECLINE around the Midterm Elections and then Rally.  Read More →

3-4-2017 Show – Covered Call Options, Bonds, Growth vs Value

During this show I talk about how the Stock Market has been doing since the last show.  In addition,  I answer questions in the following areas: 1.  My current Advisor says Covered Call Selling is not for retail investors, what are your thoughts... (more...)

DJIA Hits 21,000 – 3 Stocks Helped Move It 333 Points

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) ran up from 20,000 to 21,000 in just a few weeks.  You may be surprised there were 3 stocks which contributed 333 points to that 1,000 point increase, Apple (AAPL) was 117 points, Goldman Sachs (GS) 111 points,... (more...)

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