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Investors SELL Stocks / BUY Bonds at Fastest Pace on Record in August – James R. Wigen

Last month, the disparity between equity fund outflows and bond fund inflows was the largest on record, according to Trim Tabs, which tracks these data going back to 2006. According to Trim Tabs data, equity exchange-traded funds and mutual funds saw... (more...)

2019 Market Update by James R. Wigen – Time to REDUCE?

Last week we heard the Federal Reserve Chairman say their next move on the Fed Funds Rate could be to LOWER vs an INCREASE which was expected for 2019.  In addition last week, we saw another Inverted Yield Curve, which has been successful in the past... (more...)

2019 Stock Market Prediction by James R. Wigen

For 2019 we should see a huge recovery from December 2018 lows with certain stocks, however, we may not see that huge gain from the overall market. The Trade War with China is a huge part of what the market will do for 2019, and right now they... (more...)

Urban China’s Mainstream Class Continues to Thrive by James R. Wigen

Back in 2005 only 2% of Urban Chinese households were part of this emerging mainstream class, earning around $16,000-$35,000 per year.  In 2016, that percentage had exploded to 43%, and by 2025, experts expects it to be at 66% of Urban households.  Read More →

Markets on Pace for WORST December Since GREAT Depression by James R. Wigen

Ten WORST Dow Jones Industrial Average December Returns  Date                              Dow % Change 31-Dec-1931                       -17.01 As of 12-17-2018                -7.60 31-Dec-2002           ... (more...)

Markets RISE After Midterm Elections – As I Had Predicted by James R. Wigen

As I previously predicted in a recent post, the Stock Market Declined from Early October, heading into the Midterm Elections.  Then as I predicted, once the Midterm Elections were over, the Stock Market Increased the highest percentage since 1982 Midterm... (more...)

Look For Trade War Agreement Soon Between US & China by James R. Wigen

It is my opinion that we will hear the outline of a deal between the US & China, ending the Trade War in the next few weeks.  I think the US & China will agree to faze in Tariffs on trade over the course of many years into the future.  This... (more...)

54% Equity ETFs Posted LOSSES Over Past Year by James R. Wigen

Bloomberg news reported today that 54% of Equity ETFs posted losses over the past year!  A reminder that all investments can pose a risk or experience negative returns for investors.  Just because you are diversified in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds,... (more...)

2018 Stock Market Update & Outlook by James R. Wigen

A message to all investors from a Portfolio Manager since 1996!   With all of this market volatility, sometimes not doing anything is the best play.  There are a lot of issues right now with Elections, Trade Wars, 10yr Bond Yields rising and Federal... (more...)

Ever Hear “Don’t Fight The Fed”? Remember, It’s True When Fed Funds Rate Rises & Falls? by James R. Wigen

Throughout my 22 year career as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor, I have heard a million times “Don’t Fight the Fed”.  When they are raising the Federal Funds rate, eventually economy will slow, thus causing Stock Market... (more...)

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