About James Wigen

In May 2005, James founded Wigen Financial Services, LLC.  His primary focus is on portfolio management, financial & retirement planning, and financial advisory & insurance services.

James manages investment portfolios & advises individuals, small to mid-size companies, and non-profit organizations on a variety of financial and business issues.

Prior to being the founder of Wigen Financial Services, LLC, James worked as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor for two international investment firms.

From 2001 to 2005, James worked with Prudential Securities (merger with Wachovia Securities, now Wells Fargo Financial Advisors), and from 1996 to 2001, he was working with Merrill Lynch. While working with both Wachovia Securities and Merrill Lynch, James enjoyed dual responsibilities as a Financial Advisor and leader of the Professional Development Program.

James responsibilities as leader of the Professional Development Program included, recruiting, interviewing, training, and overseeing the daily operations of all financial advisors involved in the Professional Development Program.  James was responsible for managing between 10-20 advisors, while still managing his own client investment accounts.

James currently hosts a National Syndicated Radio Show called, The James Wigen Show “Teaching You to Get RICH, Live RICH & Stay RICH“.

Many people want to be RICH, but what does being RICH actually mean?  During James show he tries to help people define how they can live a RICH fulfilling life, and then put a action plan together to achieve their personal definition of being RICH!  You can listen to his show on the radio, the radio stations website where James show airs or on his website.

James has recently written two books, one titled “Your Financial Lifecycle” a book which describes several key investment topics everyone will face throughout their life, and a book titled, “The Truth about Your Credit Scores”, which defines how Credit Scores are calculated and how you can increase your Credit Scores.

James books are available on Amazon.com or you can view his books directly by clicking on James Books on his homepage.

In addition to his experience in the financial services area, James has been involved in several start-up companies. James Philanthropic work includes Private Foundations and Non-Profit organizations.  James has taught investment & real estate classes through continuing education at universities in CA, TX & FL since 1998.  James attended the University of Minnesota where his focus was Management & Marketing.