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JAMES Upcoming Events

James offers Seminars in the evenings on the following topics:

  • Understanding the importance of establishing a Financial/Retirement Plan
  • Determining what annual return you need & the risk you can afford to take with your investments to get into & through retirement
  • Stock Market investing, including Buy & Sell strategies using Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s & Mutual Funds
  • Earning income in your portfolio through Selling Covered Call Options & Protecting your downside risk using Protective Put Options
  • Making money being Long & Short the Stock Market
  • How Annuities provide Guaranteed Income for life, including spouse’s life
  • Using Insurance products to Grow & Protect your Net Worth, including Long-Term Care & Universal Life Insurance
  • Strategies which may prevent your Social Security income from being taxed, allowing you to live a Tax-Free Retirement life

Unlike many Financial Advisor Seminars, James has NO MINIMUM PORTFOLIO VALUE or NET WORTH requirements to attend his Seminars.

Space is VERY limited for James Seminar, therefore, you must have a reservation number from James upon arrival to his Seminars.

James office will contact you if you have previously “Signed Up” to be contacted when he has a Seminar coming to your area, and upon confirming your attendance you will receive a reservation number.

Want to be notified by James when he has a Seminar coming to your area?

If you would like to be notified of a Seminar being offered in your area, be sure to complete the contact form under Contact James Wigen Tab in the upper right corner of the Homepage.

Hope to see you at James next Seminar!